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environmental compliance support


We offer environmental compliance support in many areas including environmental permitting and licencing, waste management, oil storage and carbon reporting.


Our Compliance Experience

We have significant experience in ensuring clients’ operations remain compliant with environmental legal requirements having completed numerous compliance assessments and other related support work over the years.

Internal Environmental Compliance support

When we talk about compliance we also include ‘internal compliance’ with corporate environmental management requirements e.g. environmental procedures/ standards for our local clients who are part of larger corporations/ groups of companies. 

We support such clients in areas including environmental reporting requirements and internal environmental compliance auditing.

We also work in governance roles for clients to ensure that any environmental and/ or energy related contract requirements are being completed and compliance is being maintained.

For example, where facilities management companies are embedded within organisations with environmental responsibilities (e.g. energy management, waste management, operating wastewater treatment plants), we have supported our clients assessing their compliance against legislation and contract requirements.

Key Compliance Support we offer includes:

  • Chemical/ Oil Storage compliance assessments
  • Consent to Discharge Licence conditions, applications (new and variations)
  • Corporate Environmental Reporting requirements
  • Environmental governance on contracted out activities
  • EU ETS/ GHG permit conditions, including reporting requirements/ permit variation applications
  • PPC permit conditions, including reporting requirements, applications (new and variations)
  • Sample collection and analysis against consent/ permit conditions
  • Streamlined Carbon & Energy Reporting
  • Waste Management Licence applications (new and variations)
  • Waste storage, collection and final destination audits/ checks

Additional services

Circularity / Circular Economy

Carbon Management

Environmental Training

Management Systems / Standards

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

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