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frequently asked questions


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is your general approach to supporting your clients?

We are very much lead by our clients. If clients wish to have support based on how they currently operate, we are happy to do so. In these instances, we also suggest ways in which processes could be refined/ enhanced/ efficiencies could be made but very much work based on the client needs.

What options do you provide in terms of support to clients?

We offer flexible support solutions and work to get the best fit for our clients. Our most popular solutions include: • On a project by project basis • On an embedded basis e.g. working within client organisations e.g. on a part time basis on a set number of days per week or month on longer term projects or covering staff absences. We have provided this service to provide cover at EHS Advisor, Senior Environmental Advisor, Energy Advisor and Sustainability Manager roles in the past. • We can work on smaller projects based on day and half day rates and have provided support on an hourly basis remotely • We can support remotely as we have all the capability for remote conferencing e.g. MS Teams, Go To Meeting, Zoom and Skype • We can also support on a retainer basis i.e. for a set monthly fee, we are available to provide advice and guidance with a guaranteed amount of time in the areas we have expertise in. This is a good option for organisations who do not have environmental or sustainability professionals employed.

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